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JAUSJoint Architecture for Unmanned Systems
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The COUGAR employs a plug-and-play payload concept utilizing JAUS and demonstrated Javelin, Hellfire, LAW rockets, M240 machine gun, .
The Gladiator is JAUS compliant and part of the Navy's Future Naval Capabilities program, and it is also a candidate for the FCS MULE surrogate.
The JAUS defines a common message set for unmanned systems, thereby enhancing standardization, interoperability, and commonality.
The generic unmanned UAV and UGV ground station simulations utilize the Defense Intelligence Infrastructure--Common Operating Environment (DII-COE), the Joint Mapping Toolkit (JMTK), JAUS, and can communicate to a variety of joint command, control, communications, computers and intelligence ([C.
The JAUS SDK provides a common conceptualized view of all robotics regardless of each robot's hardware or software.
Using shared memory architectures, JAUS SDK utilizes a single DLL structure to achieve up to Level I compliance.
Applications range from creating a JAUS system with zero user-written software using existing executables, to creating stand-alone JAUS components with a software pipe interface, to utilizing an existing system with shared variables as the only interface, all the way to constructing a full system from the ground up.
Company Presentations Include Wireless Aircraft Network Simulation, Intelligent Real-Time Network Routing, Virtual System Integration Lab, and Gesture-Based Control Using JAUS Standards