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JAUSJoint Architecture for Unmanned Systems
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The JAUS SDK provides a common conceptualized view of all robotics regardless of each robot's hardware or software.
The DLL has all JAUS message and component classes, as well as many helper classes.
The Kairos JAUS SDK is the first step in meeting the Department of Defense mandate of unmanned system interoperability," said George A.
Using shared memory architectures, JAUS SDK utilizes a single DLL structure to achieve up to Level I compliance.
JAUS is mandated for use by all programs in the Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise (JGRE).
We expect that SURC and Symphony will not just make operators more effective and improve the deployability of third-party solutions; these new solutions will help make JAUS even more successful.
We're not just making it easier to comply with JAUS standards; we're making it possible for the military to change the way it deploys and controls robots on the battlefield.
Autonomous Solutions is a market leader in vehicle automation, autonomous operations, and JAUS implementation.
ASI's Mobius(TM) software has the infrastructure and functionality to simultaneously control multiple vehicles using the JAUS protocol.
The newest Hazmat version of the robot uses JAUS (Joint Architecture Unmanned Systems) software to make it possible to "plug and play" up to seven sensors mounted on a quick-release universal mounting tray for easy removal.
Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) Interface for RAPTOR Manipulation: A project subcontracted to AEA Technology Engineering Solutions, based in Pittsburgh, PA, to develop software required to operate a manipulator subsystem using JAUS message sets as the interface and to develop any additional software for the proper operation of the manipulator arm.
Specific achievements that were a direct result of this project include: * Development and validation of the DoD's JAUS standard for semi-autonomous and autonomous navigation, as well as for multiple mission payloads.