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JAVAOSJava Operating System
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Sun, meanwhile, will be replacing the JavaOS for NCs in its JavaStation with the new software during the coming year.
JavaOS for Business looked a shaky proposition from the start given that the rise of cheap PCs threatened the very premise of the NCs it was designed for.
At the platform level, the stack includes JavaOS for Consumers software already ported and operational.
Both companies will work on developing a JavaOS for Consumers based solution, MyWeb Client Computing, and jointly promote the solution to the Internet appliances manufacturers.
Today's competitors are Palm, Symbian, JavaOS, Linux and Solaris.
Nasdaq:SUNW) for the use and distribution of JavaOS for Consumer and Personal Applications technologies.
Peter Palm, group marketing manager for Sun Microelectronics says that a "powerful environment for this [chip] will be the JavaOS with Jini layers running on it.
Sun's decision to make it possible for an end user to remove Internet technology from JavaOS without interfering with the function of the operating system is a design decision made by Sun.
Cadence has been certified by Sun for Java(TM) and Jini device design, and has licenses for Sun's picoJava(TM) processor cores, as well as other Java platform technologies including, Jini Connection Technology, JavaOS for Consumers, PersonalJava(TM), and the Java(TM) 2 platform for design purposes.
The phone book sized device that includes a keyboard and a screen runs Sun Microsystems Inc's JavaOS for Consumers operating system and enables users to send and receive email as well as use the web.
Windows faces competition from IBM OS/2, PC-DOS, Apple Mac, Caldera OpenDOS, Linux, BeOS, Novell NetWare, Sun Solaris, Sun JavaOS, HP/UX, DEC VMS and Digital UNIX, Lucent Inferno, SCO OpenServer and UNIXWare, and IBM AIX and OS/400 -- plus a range of nascent software-based technologies, from "network computers" to "information appliances.
Sun Microsystems Inc has a new cut of its JavaOS for Consumers product fitted with the ChorusOS 3.