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JAWARAJournal of the American Water Resources Association
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She is one of two living wives of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, 91.
After Jawara was overthrown by the military in 1994, Camara receded into private life due to a Decree 89 that banned him and others from participating in party politics.
7) There is also some literature on the progress and practice of good governance in The Gambia, as well as on the political history of The Gambia, covering issues such as the country's social and economic setting, constitutional changes, partisan politics, electoral politics, external relations, the 1994 coup and the Jawara legacy.
The success of African Travel Market attracted the presence of the former President of the Gambia Sir Dawda Jawara, the former Secretary General of the British Commonwealth Sir Emeka Anyaoku and the former Vice President of Nigeria Sir Alex Ekwueme as guests among more than 10,000 visitors who attended the event last year.
Jawara is a labourer and as with most people his age, he's a plasterer, electrician, landscape gardener and tour guide, too.
Cleary and Christopher Davis for their patience and understanding; my editors, Jawara Griffin and Katy Garbowicz for all of their suggestions; Cathy O'Neill for her assistance in finding the source; and my husband, Matt, of which no explanations are necessary.
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