JAX-RPCJava Api for Xml-Based Remote Procedure Call
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Java Standards for Web Services: JAX-RPC & JSR109
JSR101 - or JAX-RPC - defines the concept of exposing an existing JavaBean as a web service and how the mapping between Java and WSDL is done.
2, SOAP with attachments, and the industry's most comprehensive support for Java Web services APIs, including JAX-RPC, JAXM, and SAAJ.
Nasdaq: SSSW) today announced the availability of the first commercial implementation of JAX-RPC with the release of jBroker(R) Web 2.
JAX-RPC makes it possible to write an application in Java that uses XML to make a remote procedure call (RPC), allowing a program on one computer to execute procedures on other systems.
As an active participant in the JCP, SilverStream served as a member of the Java Specification Request (JSR) 101 Expert Group of vendors and developers that designed the JAX-RPC specification v1.
SilverStream's jBroker Web provides a high-performance JAX-RPC implementation that leverages standard J2EE security features such as SSL to facilitate the rapid development of secure, scalable Web services using Java.