JAX-RSJava API (Application Programming Interface) for Restful Web Services
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The using of which servlet java class is specified by JAX-RS REST servlet in this sample that is going to be used to handle request.
Writing REST Services, examining how to publish RESTful APIs exposed with a REST binding by using the Java REST API, JAX-RS, and how WSO2 Application Server can be used to host JAX-RS.
Joining the Java Community Process (JCP) to actively get involved in the next version of the JAX-RS specification, which defines REST and the APIs that developers use to build Java-based RESTful applications.
Recent 'Bees' joining the company's stellar engineering team include: Ben Walding, CTO and long-serving operations manager of Codehaus; Paul Sandoz, formerly of Sun Microsystems, a member of the GlassFish team and co-specification lead of JAX-RS and Jersey; and Stephen Connolly, one of the original committers on Jenkins/Hudson, an avid contributor on Codehaus and an Apache Maven PMC member.
Jersey is the open source JAX-RS (JSR 311) reference implementation for building RESTful web services via simple annotations.