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JAXAJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (also seen as AXA)
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The small-sized rocket is equipped with artificial intelligence "for the first time in the world" that allows autonomous launch checks by the rocket itself, JAXA has said.
JAXA said the rocket launch was successful, and the separation of a cargo vehicle, carrying the robot to the space station, was confirmed about 15 minutes after liftoff.
The space agency, or JAXA, said it developed the camera to equip it with the country's next-generation X-ray astronomy satellite and improved its radiation detection sensor for ground use.
JAXA says M'bishi Electric scandal could affect space launch
Higuchi told AA on Tuesday that JAXA contacted Turkish officials regarding the establishment of a space institution in Turkey, and they would cooperate with Turkey.
Lead researcher Martin Castillo, formerly an engineer with Japan's JAXA space agency, said the 21-meter anti-friction chute allowed beer droplets to achieve about two seconds of low gravity.
If the rocket is struck by lightning, onboard electronic devices could develop problems, said the agency, also known as JAXA.
AoReally, when we saw it land, we could not believe what had happened,Ao said Norimitsu Kamimori, the Washington representative of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA.
After several months of conducting performance inspection to check space environmental tolerance, we selected OKI Electric Cable's as our FPC supplier, not just for their reputation for quality but also for their good track record with FPCs," said Tatsuya Endo, researcher of JAXA.
DPR was developed by JAXA with the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology.
The cancellation makes it the second such after the Epsilon-1 first due to launch on the 22nd of August was called off following an, "Incompatibility found in the ground support equipment during the communication function test between the Epsilon-1 and the equipment in the course of launch campaign at the launch site," reported JAXA.
NEC's responsibilities include the system design of asteroid explorer and subsystem designs, such as the Ka-band communication subsystem and intermediate-infrared camera, for the "Hayabusa" successor under the direction of JAXA.