JAXMJava Api for Xml Messaging
JAXMJava API for XML Messaging (Java, XML, WSDL)
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XMLBus Edition is the most interoperable Web services implementation available, with broadly-vendor-tested XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI compatibility, and a wide range of standard API support, including JAXR (UDDI registries), JMX (Instrumentation and Management), JAXM (SOAP Message Handling), SAML (authentication and authorization assertions), DISCO (Microsoft discovery), and more.
Viewlocity, the global provider of Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) software and services, today reaffirmed its commitment to promoting interoperability via the usage of industry accepted technologies and standards such as Sun Microsystems' J2EE and JAXM for Web services.
The J2EE(TM) based BindPartner Platform supports leading Web services standards including ebXML, WSDL, and SOAP, and provides business integration through Java(TM), EJB, JAXM and JMS adapters.
In addition to writing on JMS and Web Services, Sonic Software evangelists also participate in several Java consortiums, helping to establish Java standards such as the Java Community Process (JCP), several Java Specification Request (JSR) Expert Groups including JAXM, JMS, and Java Connector Architecture (JCA), and the OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Technical Committee.