JAXPJava API for XML Processing (Sun Microsystems)
JAXPJava API for XML Parsing
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Phaos XML APIs are modeled on JAXP and Java Cryptographic APIs allowing developers to quickly integrate Phaos security technologies into existing business applications.
4 libraries for superior performance, use of JNDI for accessing all user information from corporate directories, JSP Tag Libraries for more efficient JSP scripting, and now JCA for connectivity and JAXP and JAXM for standards-based XML processing and messaging.
Borland Enterprise Server also includes a complete SOAP environment, XML (Extensible Markup Language) tool kit, XML parser for Java, and support for JAXP.
0 also previews recently standardized Java technology-based components, including Java(TM) Connector Architecture, Message Driven Beans and JAXP, as supported in J2EE v.
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The JCP program has completed and released the JAXP API specification to support XML processing and parsing.
With the delivery of JAXM, JAXP, and the forthcoming JAXB, Sun is providing essential XML functionality to Java technology developers and continuing to deliver on its vision of simplifying development of network-centric applications based on open industry standards.
JAXP enables the reading, manipulating, and generating XML documents through Java APIs by providing a standard way to seamlessly integrate any XML-compliant parser with a Java technology-based application.
JAXP is now in early access release and available free-of-charge at http://java.