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It spite of detailed obituaries appearing elsewhere, Gore's JBAA obituary only ran to a few lines.
56) A more detailed description of his discovery was given in a JBAA paper in early 1895.
In his 1891 JBAA paper on 'Naked-Eye Astronomy' (37) Markwick wrote: 'supposing a new star of the third magnitude, or brighter, were to appear, how many amateurs are there who would be at once aware of the fact from personal knowledge?
86) Markwick published a lightcurve of the latter in the 1920 November JBAA (Figure 16), based on his observations plus observations by W.
Sheridan Williams has saved me a great deal of time I would otherwise have spent searching through library copies of the JBAA by diligently scanning the Journals and making them available on line to Members (a truly wonderful resource) and he fast-tracked the availability of some specific editions to assist my research.
Ron Livesey continues in his role of Assistant Director responsible for statistics and analysis and has had two papers accepted for publication in JBAA.
At de Roy's request, Lindley also undertook the annual analysis and reporting of four 'irregular' variables covering the years 1927 to 1934, which he published as four papers in the JBAA.
De Roy had published annual reports in the JBAA on LPVs covering the years 1921 to 1930, as well as several on irregular variables, and also the BAA Memoir on the Section's observations of LPVs between 1925 and 1929.
19) Lindley's quotation appears in his JBAA obituary written by Patston (ref.
Ron's paper 'The Aurora in the United Kingdom, 1962-2009' was published in the June issue of JBAA and his paper 'Auroral activity observed from Birmingham southwards, 1976-2010' awaits publication.
This unprecedented event was monitored by ROP observers and reported in the Observers Forum, JBAA 120(6), 2010 December.