JBAIDSJoint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System
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from Salt Lake City, Utah, stepped forward with JBAIDS, the latest in biological warfare technology.
Everyone in the scientific community is excited because JBAIDS allows detection of a very minute level, and commanders are excited because the troops will be better protected," said Whitlock.
It's very rewarding to see a mature product like the JBAIDS continue to grow in capability.
More than 350 JBAIDS are deployed in DoD laboratories across the world.
We are very pleased that the JBAIDS capability continues to evolve.
This latest initiative will replace the CDC Swine flu detection panel on JBAIDS for diagnostic detection of the 2009 novel influenza A (H1N1) that was granted by the Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA in August 2009.
Traditional flu testing can take more than 48-hours to diagnose using culture methods; the JBAIDS expanded influenza panel will provide results for six flu targets in less than an hour.
In response to the recent outbreaks of the H1N1 virus, the Chemical Biological Medical Systems - Joint Project Management Office (CBMS-JPMO) requested JBAIDS be evaluated for Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration to identify the H1N1 virus.
We also continued to interact with the Government team managing the selection process for the JBAIDS Program for the Department of Defense.
Gerber said, "Epoch was named a finalist in the competition for Block I of the JBAIDS program managed by the Department of Defense.
JBAIDS is a multi-phased program for the deployment of over 400 instruments and 700,000 reagent kits over the next four years.