JBC-PJoint Battle Command - Platform (US Army)
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Soldiers used JBC-P in realistic scenarios to send text messages, place calls for medics, and plot enemy strongholds.
JBC-P is the Army's tool for brigade and below mobile mission command, situational awareness, and friendly force tracking, which gives Soldiers a complete picture of the battlefield so units can synchronize operations and reduce fratricide.
While all service providers had a shot in the competitive environment and all were treated equally, PM JBC-P, then known as PM FBCB2, decided to no longer accept the status quo.
A strategic step came in 2010, when the PM JBC-P team chose the U.
Project Manager JBC-P intends to standardize all platforms to the next generation Blue Force Tracking 2 (BFT2) network used on JCR-equipped platforms.
Operators from the 2/1 AD praised the speed and accuracy of JCR updates of position location information, which are exponentially faster than the original FBCB2 due to the increased bandwidth delivered by the BFT-2 satellite transceiver used with JCR and JBC-P.
And the consensus among soldiers and their leaders at the NIE seems to be that not every soldier needs Nett Warrior, JBC-P Handheld or the amount of data they provide.
Soldiers can be standing right next to each other and the JBC-P Handheld will depict them being in completely different locations.
We're continuously improving the friendly force tracking system in order to equip our Soldiers with the most advanced tactical communications and situational awareness available," said COL Michael Thurston, project manager for JBC-P.
The fieldings to Afghanistan required PM JBC-P to integrate JCR/BFT 2 onto Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected vehicles.
with the JBC-P family of systems and is aligned with the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, Logistics and Technology Common Operating Environment, or COE strategy.
Using the Mobile /Handheld CE Product Developers Kit, we're going to allow the third-party developers to actually develop capabilities that aren't stove piped," said LTC Mark Daniels, product manager for JBC-P.