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65) In a report of JBCL nurse visits to 67 non-returnees in 1941, for example, the majority of those who gave explanations for their lack of perseverance in birth control use said they were disappointed with the method they were given, finding it "uncomfortable," disliked by their husband and/or that it had failed and they had become pregnant again.
77) Birth controllers thus made a more committed effort to explain from the start that the JBCL did not provide abortion or sterilisation, and advocated only voluntary efforts, eventually changing their name from the Jamaica Birth Control League to the Jamaica Family Planning League in 1941 to help emphasise this point.
At first, the JBCL had not even bothered stocking condoms in the clinics, (115) and League members had been sceptical about whether men had any interest in family planning whatsoever.