JBDInternational Journal of Behavioral Development
JBDJet Blast Deflector
JBDJournaling Block Device (Linux)
JBDJerome Baker Designs
JBDJournal of Business Disciplines (Indiana University Southeast School of Business)
JBDJewish Blind and Disabled
JBDJunior Blazer Dancers (Portland Trailblazers)
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Trumbull stated, "We believe our acquisition of JBD will enhance our plans for selling motors directly to distributors.
I was aiming for the JBD that was still up from the Tomcat's launch.
Flight/Hangar Deck NATOPS states that the controlling plane director shall ensure that aircraft with wings folded or a canopy open are not spotted, towed or taxied immediately behind a JBD when another aircraft is at a high-power setting on the catapult.
Each Nimitz-class aircraft carrier has a JBD for each of its four catapults.
Israel thus, by definition is NOT the state of its citizens, but rather that of "The Jewish People", most of whom, like the members of JBD whom you were addressing, have no birthright connection to it.
Without the water modules, the heat from the engines would warp and deform the JBD panel and prevent the repeatable cycling of launching aircraft.
After the aircraft were ready, we moved one bird from our assigned parking spot to the JBD (jet blast deflector) spot.
Pink Sheets: WSBL) today announced it has signed an exclusive agreement with JBD Consulting for sales and marketing of WaveScribe products and services.
The JBD lifted an aircraft that was taxiing to a catapult.
Australia: Telstra, Woolworths, Anglo Coal, Cellnet, JBD Coldstores, Pilbara Gascoyne Health Region and Rebel Sports.
We crossed the JBD, took tension, and got our cat shot--seemingly without incident.
The aircraft's starboard wing, horizontal stabilizer, and slat were damaged when the JBD unexpectedly was raised.