JBDCJamaica Business Development Corporation
JBDCJamaica Business Development Centre
JBDCJerusalem Business Development Center (Israel)
JBDCJervis Bay Divers Club (Australia)
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His 2008 memo underscored the need for secrecy: "All information on this page is considered highly confidential and is not to be disclosed or reproduced for distribution without the expressed written permission of JBDC, LLC.
Gross replied that if he were to become persona non grata in Cuba, his company, JBDC, would pick a new leader.
These studies provided evidence that campus governance is most effective if it is responsive and if it reflects campus culture, debunking the utility of universal-type governance for all campuses such as that provided by JBDCs.
However, similar to Yamada's study of JBDC, strategic planning councils were not successful (Schuster et al.
QuickDB supports host databases such as DB2, DB2/400(tm) and SQL/DS(tm) IBM(R); Oracle(R) and Sybase(R) LAN databases; and any OBDC or JBDC legacy or relational database on any platform.