JBJJon Bon Jovi (rock music artist)
JBJJhoom Barabar Jhoom (Hindi: Dance Baby Dance; film)
JBJJacksonville Business Journal (Jacksonville, FL)
JBJJournal of Bone and Joint
JBJJames Bond Jr (TV show)
JBJJewish Believers in Jesus
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Bon Jovi would not be heading to Scotland in the summer for their national stadium date, however, if JBJ felt they were seen as a nostalgia act.
Barely two hours before the concert, a cheerful JBJ told media persons why it took him so long to come to this part of the world.
Natural Gear still is in operation but is now owned by EFO Holdings, a subsidiary of JBJ Lending Co.
Knowsley-based JBJ Insulations, which specialises in providing temperature controlled rooms, has increased turnover to more than pounds 1.
Afterward, JBJ quietly exited as the Gov and his first lady went through the dining room greeting California voters.
BON JOVI: Everyday (Mercury) - More of the same from JBJ and his gang.
Mulligan LM, Eng C, Healey CS, Clayton D, Kwok JBJ, Gardner E, et al.
If you ask JBJ Mfg Go, Minneapolis, MN, it is an easy question to answer.
The 55-unit JBJ Soul Homes opened in the Francisville neighborhood after about 18 months of construction.
On Room At The End Of The World, JBJ describes a place "Where lost Valentines get sent/Where roses come back to life/ And young love never dies".
Lopez MG, Matesanz MR, Lidon JBJ, Cosin DJD (2003) The effect of Hormogaster elisae (Hormogastridae) on the abundance of soil Collembola and Acari in laboratory cultures.