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JBKJohannes B. Kerner (TV show)
JBKJacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
JBKJervis Bay Kayaks (Australia)
JBKJohn Burke Krasinski (actor)
JBKJoseph Brad Kluge (film producer)
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Joshua Bulot, Bryan del Rosario and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio - collectively known as JBK - became known in the UK after successfully auditioning on 'The X Factor UK 2017,' gathering praise from the entire judging panel.
Aside from Bryan, the boy band JBK counts Joshua Bulot and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio as members.
Julie Kampf is the CEO and Chief Possibilities Officer for JBK Associates International, a talent solution firm specializing in the acquisition and development of senior-level leadership.
received an application for membership from New JBK General Trading and that
Ribeiro FAS, Preto BL, Fernandes JBK, Sistemas de criacao para o acara-bandeira (Pterophyllum scalare).
JBK and CTI are great examples of our strategy to acquire only 'best-in-class' companies.
Josephson was previously managing director and principal of JBK Capital and Cobblestone Advisory Group, where he was directly responsible for the modification of over $300 million of senior securitized and mezzanine debt for various borrowers.
They threatened staff before herding them into a room while they stole an undisclosed sum of money from the tills before making off in a red Vauxhall Cavalier, registration J292 JBK.
The JBK Group offers a cost-effective, team approach to your management needs.
95): Jaclyn Smith and James Franciscus are JBK and JFK in this tired TV rehash of Jackie's legacy.