JBNJugendorganisation Bund Naturschutz (German youth organization; Munich, Germany)
JBNJardín Botánico Nacional (Spanish: National Botanical Garden; various locations)
JBNJewish Business Network (various locations)
JBNJust Be Natural
JBNJesus Broadcasting Network
JBNJob Board Network, Inc. (employment websites company)
JBNJournal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
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Otra empresa con presuntos vinculos con Los Zetas es Impulsora JBN, segun publico el diario Reforma el 5 de noviembre de 2012.
Hoy, JBN es una de las ganadoras de la subasta electronica de la CFE.
Bilfinger intends to reduce its JBN holding even further, it said.
The University of Phoenix will be hosting the next three JBN gatherings schedules for Feb.
The letter written by ATN to his father is dated December 24, 1846, and was discovered by the author in 1998 in a collection of family papers stored by descendents of ATN's son JBN at the latter's home in Mill Neck on Long Island near New York.
The others are personal letters to his son around the time in 1905 when JBN married in the U.
However, on the death of his son JBN in 1950, the Touche Niven Bailey & Smart Newsletter (4/1) wrongly stated that ATN came to Edinburgh in 1844 to be an apprentice to an accountant Andrew Prentice and was later Prentice's partner.
The author has the indenture contract for ATN's son JBN, dated November 1, 1887 and registered May 1, 1888 with chartered accountant David Pearson (SAE 1862), a son of Charles Pearson, one of the SAE founders mentioned previously as working on George Street.
En su nota, Reforma establece que otras empresas de Jose Luis Guadiana estarian relacionadas con el narco: Genesis compra carbon a Materiales Industrializados que le vende a JBN.
In 1993, Lynch acquired JBN Telephone Company located in northeastern Kansas.
Kelania Road PEG Gdn, Sirsa(17505 MT), JBN WH PEG Dhaba (30000 MT), Bansiwat WH PEG Dhingtania (1 5900 MT) & 7 Yrs.
In addition, Bilfinger has sold 90 percent of shares in Julius Berger International GmbH, headquartered in Wiesbaden, to JBN.