JBNQAJames Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement
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The JBNQA was ratified by laws passed by the Parliament of Canada and the National Assembly of Quebec.
The JBNQA left the Cree and Inuit with regional school boards, health and social services agencies, police forces and local government structures under their control.
Originally signed in 1975, the JBNQA was, according to an INAC News Release, Canada's first modern treaty.
The new 50-year agreement has the Cree assuming the province's responsibility for Cree economic development initiatives, as set out in the JBNQA.
Judge Croteau not only decided in the Crees' favor but said Quebec's Forest Act contravened Cree rights that are enshrined in the JBNQA.
Specifically, the Crees have accused the companies of using 1987 amendments to the Forest Act, along with the Act respecting Lands in the Public Domain, to circumvent Aboriginal and treaty rights, in direct contravention of the JBNQA.
Justice Croteau pointed out that the JBNQA takes precedence over all other legislation.
The court held that section144 of the `province's Environment Quality Act had been used to exempt forestry companies from comprehensive environmental assessment and therefore the provisions of the JBNQA.
But now forestry companies' general and five-year forest management plans will undergo "full and complete assessments and evaluations of their environmental and social impacts on the Crees" in accordance with section 22 of the JBNQA.