JBOCJoint Border Operations Centre (travel; UK)
JBOCJOPES (Joint Operation Planning and Execution System) Basic Operators Course
JBOCJim Beam on Campus (Australia)
JBOCJ-Body of Cincinnati (General Motors automobiles)
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JB Oxford Holdings, through its wholly owned subsidiary, JBOC, engages in the discount brokerage and correspondent clearing business.
The Company also announced that Al Laubenstein, former Compliance Director of JBOC, has been promoted to Executive Vice President.
This additional capital will be used to help fund the continued growth of JBOC.
JBOC is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, with branch offices in New York, Dallas, Miami, Boston, and Basel, Switzerland.
Rubenstein said electronic trading activity will be a strong contributor to the JBOC bottom-line in 1997.
Rubenstein said that Felix Oeri, the Head of International Operations, recently arranged for the opening of a JBOC desk at the Basel, Switzerland airport, the only stock brokerage to have such a facility.
Rubenstein went on to say that the Company's correspondent clearing operations continue to be profitable and will also remain a focus of the JBOC business plan.
JBOC also has significant activities in clearing and markets services focused on emerging growth companies.