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JBODJust a Bunch Of Disks/Drives (as distinct from RAID)
JBODJunior Board of Directors
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This flexibility extends to connectivity allowing a subsystem to interface with popular network storage topologies, simply by inserting the appropriate interface module for RAID and JBOD, Fibre Channel, SCSI or iSCSI, and copper or optical connectors.
This new line of XJ2000 JBOD series is designed for demanding network storage applications, including enterprise data center, video and data streaming, disk-to-disk backup, disaster management and ILM/IIM.
Built to fit any standard rack-optimized server environment, the Gateway 850 SCSI JBOD features a host of storage, reliability and expansion capabilities.
One of the main issues here that gives you the diagnostics benefit is the we're moving from JBODs manufactured with PBC--port bypass circuits.
FibreArray 2208, 2002 JBOD & FibreArray 2104 are available to order immediately.
The onboard firmware enables easy set-up of the two hard drives as RAID 1 for real time backup, as RAID 0 for high performance or as JBOD to combine the capacity of the two hard drives into one large volume.
The VSC120 is ideal for Fibre Channel Disk Array, JBOD, RAID subsystem, switch and server designs where data availability, reliability, hardware redundancy and autonomous diagnostic support is required.
Each physical library has a sustained transfer rate of 400MB/s, and the FireFly offers up to four 2Gbit Fibre Channel ports, allowing you to mix and match JBOD, RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5 and RAID 10.
If a user wants a JBOD, RAID, SAN, or other network storage topology, the configuration can be achieved simply by sliding in the appropriate module.
Using the JBOD configuration, users can combine the five hard drives into one large two-TeraByte external storage system for their notebook PC.
Vixel's InSpeed Embedded Storage Switches can be applied to improve manageability and performance in two back-end storage switching topologies: As mentioned, they do intra-shelf switching--connecting the drives within the disk drawers, changing the architecture from the standard JBOD (just a bunch of disks) to an SBOD implementation using InSpeed ASICS or Blades.