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JBQJewish Bible Quarterly (Jewish Bible Association; Jerusalem, Israel)
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Despite the fact that JBQ ultimately succeeded in deregistering and grounding the aircraft, Imperial continued to refuse to return it to JBQ.
The Editor, who has been with the JBQ since 1975, and all our deputy and associate editors volunteer their time and work tirelessly to make the Jewish Bible Quarterly the premier English-language academic journal dealing with the Tanakh under Jewish auspices.
There was a recent article in the JBQ "The Pharaohs Who Knew Moses" (Vol.
This campaign, once led by militant atheists, is now spearheaded by Islamic fundamentalists who, as I pointed out in a JBQ editorial over ten years ago, have added religious zealotry and intolerance to the political onslaught on Israel.
Leo Abrami in the January 2010 issue of the JBQ seems concerned about positive and negative statements in the Ten Commandments in view of whether they are specific laws or general principles.
com which lists those JBQ articles that are referred to in other scholarly journals, in college syllabi or discussed on the Internet; JBQ articles mentioned or discussed in textbooks are listed in http://books.
Mark Elliott Shapiro, the new Deputy Editor of the JBQ was born in Toronto and has been living in Israel since 1970.