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JBQJewish Bible Quarterly (Jewish Bible Association; Jerusalem, Israel)
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Despite the fact that JBQ ultimately succeeded in deregistering and grounding the aircraft, Imperial continued to refuse to return it to JBQ.
JBQ, in turn, successfully challenged the magistrate's report and recommendation and filed its own motion for mandatory injunctive relief, based on evidence it had received that 1) the aircraft was being used in a manner contrary to its operations and design limitations (e.
37) My follow-up article in the next issue of the JBQ will show how these tactics were adopted before the walls of Jerusalem.
was published in volume 31:2 of the JBQ, back in 2003.
Also on that website there is a complete list and a scanned formatted copy of every article published in the JBQ since its very first issue more than forty years ago.
A recent issue of the JBQ contained an article by Shaul Bar entitled "The Curse of Death in War" (Jewish Bible Quarterly 2012; 40:231-237).
In a recent issue of the JBQ, Nathan Stein suggests an emendation of the hapax legomenon keseh (Ps.
In the recent issue of JBQ, Min Suc Kee suggests that the meaning of mayim is "closely associated with its original meaning as a pair" (Min Suc Kee, "A Study on the Dual Form of Mayim, Water," JBQ 40:3 (2012), p.