JBROJonathan Brain Recovery Organization, Inc. (West Barnstable, MA)
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The JBRQC group produced the most words on the expressive posttest, followed by the JBRC, JBRQ, and JBRO groups, respectively.
Only the JBRO group's performance for verb identification overlapped chance.
Repeated book reading alone was sufficient for new-word learning: children in the JBRO group identified an average of 5 of 10 possible words, more than expected by chance.
Children in the two conditions that included comments, JBRC and JBRQC, performed significantly better than children in the JBRQ and JBRO groups.
Thus, we hypothesized that the IBRQ and JBRQC groups would exhibit greater expressive learning of target words than the JBRC or JBRO groups.
Children in the JBRO group produced phrase substitutions significantly more often, suggesting that they did not encode the typically unnamed referents.
Identification of verbs by the JBRO group was no better than chance.
His information was contrary to official records showing that JBros was one of the three bidders for phase I of the parking building project.
He said he never authorized anybody to represent JBros in any public bidding for a Makati infrastructure project.
Besides, at the time the parking building was bid out, JBros was not qualified to participate because it had not yet completed any project that was worth at least 50 percent of the approved budget for the contract as required under the procurement law.
The papers were the letter of intent to join the bidding, the certification of bidder's responsibilities, an affidavit saying none of the JBros officers was related to Makati city officials, and a certification that JBros was compliant with labor rules and regulations.
Pimentel told Tengco that JBros was also supposedly a bidder for Makati Science High School.