JCADJoint Chemical Agent Detector
JCADJefferson County Appraisal District (Beaumont, TX)
JCADJapanese Coronary Artery Disease Study
JCADJC Applications Development Ltd. (business software company)
JCADJapan Cycle Association for the Disabled
JCADJAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology) Compact Arctic Drifter (oceanography)
JCADJoint Committee on Agricultural Research and Development
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Caption: The JCAD proved to be a revolution in miniaturizing chemical agent detection technology.
JCAD RISK is a dynamic enterprise risk management solution allowing users to easily identify key strategic and operational risks faced by the organisation and ensure that all relevant information is recorded, analysed and shared.
The JCAD system would expect the Joint Staff Director for Force Structure, Resources and Assessment 0-8) to develop an "integrated, time-phased, fiscally informed capability, acquisition, and divestiture plan" (DAPA Report, 2006, p.
The joint program office for chemical and biological defense, which manages the development and testing of both systems, did not respond to several requests for information on the status of JSLSCAD and JCAD.
Equally so, the JCAD program has established itself as one of the most effective chemical warfare protection solutions for U.
If JCAD is having trouble reading a sample, it may be because the sample is old and needs to be replaced.
JCAD is designed to detect, identify and quantify nerve, blister, blood agents and toxic industrial chemicals at low levels to allow sufficient time for protective measures to be taken.
The JCAD is based on Smiths Detection's LCD product line of advanced, light-weight, threat detection devices that can be easily strapped to a belt.
In addition, Lambeth have negotiated a royalties payment for the next two years meaning that additional revenues, albeit modest, will flow into the Council whenever JCAD implements the application within the UK.
The JCAD program is based on Smiths Detection's LCD 3.
JCAD detects not only nerve and blister agents, but also blood agents, which the ACADA couldn't do.
JCAD weighs two pounds and occupies 40 cubic inches of space.