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JCAHOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
JCAHOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations
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The JCAHO goal calls for a standardized approach to hand-off communication that in particular allows for the opportunity to ask and answer questions (JCAHO, 2006).
The current edition of The JCAHO Survey Coordinator's Handbook, HCPro's big selling, 200-page guide;
In the last year, hospitals in Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Indianapolis, and elsewhere have been targeted by imitation inspectors, according to alerts issued by JCAHO.
Indeed, at one point in time, JCAHO actually required that every existing committee meet monthly.
Surveys will continue to be announced for organizations undergoing JCAHO surveys for the first time, first surveys under the Early Survey Option, situations where unannounced surveys would not be feasible, such as Bureau of Prisons and Department of Defense, foster care programs, and very small organizations (in certain situations).
JCAHO noted the adoption of the standards in hospitals, critical access hospitals and office-based surgery facilities is being made to ensure current practice in the relevant settings of care.
In comparing the results of the two surveys, CMS considered whether it was reasonable to conclude that the deficiencies found by state survey agencies existed at the time JCAHO surveyed the hospital.
JCAHO will monitor its accredited organizations to ensure they are taking the required patient safety actions through random, unannounced surveys, JCAHO spokesman Mark Forstneger told this newspaper.
Pain is a major public-health issue, and the Joint Commission believes that these standards can have a significant impact in the assessment and management of pain,'' said Janet McIntyre, a JCAHO spokeswoman.
We hope the JCAHO guidelines about texting don't scare hospital administrators into just abandoning messaging as a way of communicating," said Brooks.
The Goals are derived primarily from informal recommendations in the Sentinel Event Alert, a JCAHO publication that informs health care providers regarding high-risk practices.
JCAHO explained the Special Quality Awards section provides recognition of specific achievements by individual organizations, such as Magnet Hospital Recognition by the American Credentialing Center and participation in the Hospital Quality Alliance.