JCAPJournal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (International School for Advanced Studies and Institute of Physics Publishing)
JCAPJapan Clean Air Program
JCAPJournal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
JCAPJoint Conventional Ammunition Program
JCAPJournal of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
JCAPJoint Conventional Ammunition Panel or Program
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For this JCAP study, researchers engineered a complete system to work at different times of day, not just at a light energy level of 1-sun illumination, which is equivalent to the peak of brightness at high noon on a sunny day.
Hosted at Caltech and Lawrence Berkeley Lab, JCAP was originally funded with $122 million over five years, and its funding was renewed (albeit at a lower level) last year.
To this end, once photoanodes have used solar energy to split water molecules, JCAP scientists need high performance semiconductor photocathodes that can use solar energy to catalyze fuel production.
Substance abuse assessment data came from JCAP and included a variety of demographic information (for example, employment status, living situation, and public aid recipient), substance abuse histories, and indications of prior substance-exposed infants.
The first step in developing a JCAP contract would be to establish the requirements of both services.
JCAP -- for the manufacturing of silicon-based magnetics utilizing Enpirion's proprietary MEMS (Micro-electronic Magnetic Silicon) technology.
The Jernigan Capital team has extensive experience in over 100 US markets--from acquiring and managing self-storage properties to new self-storage development--providing JCAP with knowledge unmatched by any lender, broker or advisor to the sector.
This result was a stretch project milestone for the entire five years of JCAP as a whole, and not only have we achieved this goal, we also achieved it on time and on budget," says Caltech's Nate Lewis, George L.
JCAP is a multi-institutional partnership led by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Berkeley Lab with operations in Berkeley (JCAP-North) and Pasadena (JCAP-South).
Dynamically avoiding fine-tuning the cosmological constant: the "relaxed universe", JCAP 1012, 029.
Research at JCAP will be directed at the discovery of the components necessary to assemble a complete artificial photosynthetic system: light absorbers, catalysts, molecular linkers, and separation membranes, the DOE stated.
To support unity of effort, the funding stream for JCAP should flow from the supported combatant commander.