JCATSJoint Conflict And Tactical Simulation
JCATSJoint Cartographic Analysis Tool Set
JCATSJuvenile Court Activity Tracking System (now Judicial Court Activity Tracking System; Canyon Solutions, Inc.)
JCATSJoint Conflict and Tactical System
JCATSJudicial Court Activity Tracking System (Canyon Solutions, Inc.)
JCATSJoint Conference on Advanced Telecommunications Services
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What JCATS gives you is entity-level resolution, which means the individual soldier, the individual Stryker vehicle, is modeled in the simulation," said Lt.
The designers incorporate vignettes based upon situations that units have encountered in Iraq into JCATS to give soldiers applicable training for deployment.
For example, the US did joint training with Polish armed forces last year, mixing both constructive and live simulation, said US Army LTC Kenneth Bartlett, USJCOM's executive program manager for JTLS and JCATS.
Then the Army Simulation Centre can take one of the wargame systems Canada uses, such as JCATS, and incorporate terrain databases and 3-D modeling tools it has developed itself to create a model of the theater soldiers and their commanders will encounter.
In previous years, students would plan large staff exercises in a classroom, and then input them into JCATS for execution.
CBS and JCATS do have the advantage of being able to interact with the command and control equipment that staff officers would use in the field.
In addition to real units, a huge array of simulated forces entered the fray via computer models, or were controlled by operators using the JCATS simulation.
JCATS is a registered trademark of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Behind the moving friendly live force, there was the remainder of the battalion, represented constructively, who then in JCATS, engaged and destroyed the remainder of the enemy force, also constructively replicated," Bernatz said.
This software application, however, is not hardware or computer, a substitute for ABCS, nor a replacement for CBS, JCATS or other constructive training simulations.
Dynamic game play initiated using the DSE and JCATS to drive TACSIM at the beginning of the Stability Operations Phase.
JCATS is the primary training tool for battalion and brigade command post training in the constructive environment.