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JCCCJohnson County Community College (Kansas)
JCCCJapanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
JCCCJoint Combat Camera Center
JCCCJoint Communications Control Center
JCCCJoint Customs Consultative Committee (UK)
JCCCJoint Command and Control Center
JCCCJoint Casualty & Compassionate Centre (UK)
JCCCJoint CIS Control Centre
JCCCJordan Climate Change Consultancy Company
JCCCJackson County Chamber of Commerce (Florida)
JCCCJoint Christian Cemetery Company (Nigeria)
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Since the start of Restemayer's tenure at JCCC in 2008, the number of offenders participating in restorative justice activities has more than doubled.
Shelley's success at JCCC has earned him national recognition.
Anyone who believes |they may be related to Sgt Williams, or can assist with information in tracing his relatives, is asked to telephone the JCCC on 07768 888663.
You'll hear the whole controversy over whether students are customers or not, but I think they are," says Wayne Brown, CIO of JCCC.
Moving students online to complete their admissions application is saving JCCC tens of thousands of dollars and providing a better admissions experience for students.
UCLA's JCCC is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a comprehensive treatment facility with a membership of 230 physicians and scientists.
The following Databases are available in seven of the eight university libraries: ACS, AIP, APS, Annual Review, BWP, CUP, IOP, ISID, JCCC, JSTOR, OUP, RSC, SIAM, Springerlink and Taylor & Francis.
The ViewRay system will enable researchers at UCLA "to continue to meet our mission of fostering patient-centered care while pursuing better treatments and cures for cancer," said Michael Steinberg, MD, chair of the UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology and director of clinical affairs at JCCC.
The INDEST consortium provides two major streams of e-resources: e-journals from major publishers and aggregators of the world; JCCC J-Gate Custom Contents for Consortia, a bibliographic database of the periodical holdings of IITs and IIMs.
In just four years, JCCC has become a signatory to the ACUPCC and is providing regional and national leadership on sustainability issues.
These solutions will provide JCCC with granular-level backup capabilities, along with better performance and simplified management.