JCDSJewish Community Day School
JCDSJacksonville Country Day School (Jacksonville, FL)
JCDSJAERI (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute) Computational Dosimetry System
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The purpose of the tender is the assistance to the Programme Management Unit (PMU) for the implementation of the JCDS program relating to planning, coordination and implementation and management of the coastal defense system for Jakarta including management related to water supply and water management, flood and the accomplishment of related procedures in the province of Greater Jakarta, Banten and the neighboring provinces of West Java and the Ciliwung-Cisadane river basin.
Professor Ismail of Pakistan NGO forum, Director PDMA, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) researcher Mehr Rafique, Director JCDS Ali Akhtar and others participated in the seminar titled "Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and flood in 2013: A review of disaster preparedness and response" organized by PILER.
Part of our business plan at JCDS is to help our customers control time and costs and our EOB Tracker does just that, we developed a way to automatically collect EOB when they are posted and an efficient way of retrieving them when needed," states Cary Allen, CEO, JCDS.