JCEFJewish Community Endowment Fund
JCEFJordyn Cook Epilepsy Fund (est. 2006; Marshfield, MA)
JCEFJamaica Child Evangelism Fellowship (est. 1946)
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The JCEF is a non-profit organization that leads a national initiative to create job opportunities for unemployed Jordanian youth, developing tailor made vocational, technical and managerial training programs that meet the needs of potential employers.
The JCEF has partnered with leading businesses, philanthropists, and educational institutions to create a strong local organization.
The JCEF also celebrated the graduation of two Workplace Success classes and the third and fourth classes of its extraordinarily successful Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Vocational and Workplace Success Program, made possible by support from the United States Department of State's Office of The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), www.
By launching training and job-placement initiatives for unemployed youth, JCEF is manifesting its role as the Jordanian affiliate of the Education For Employment (EFE) Foundation, a U.
Samara, the audience viewed a documentary film about the JCEF by filmmaker and JCEF graduate Mr.
All three training courses offered by JCEF incorporate two parts.
For the Land Surveying and GIS Training Program, which was funded by employer-partner Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC), JCEF developed locally an intensive 379-hour curriculum including theoretical and practical training led by renowned and skilled trainers.
JCEF has identified a winning combination: a high-growth career field in need of workers, skills training essential to getting a job, and access to a brighter future for disadvantaged youth.