JCEMJournal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
JCEMJoint Center for Energy Management (est. 1987; energy research and development education; University of Colorado at Boulder; Colorado)
JCEMJournal of Construction Engineering and Management (monthly publication)
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At Filtration 2010, JCEM will discuss its recent product offerings such as servo controlled slitting, automatic pleat height control (APC) and its five-axis offline pack-cutting machine.
There can be no assurance that that the data presented in the JCEM publication regarding Plenadren is predictive of how Plenadren will perform in commercial usage.
JCEM entered the first quartile (Q1) of journals based on its worldwide impact in "Engineering, Civil" category of the ISI Web of Science.
JCEM Editorial Board consists of 61 members, including 23 Lithuanian scientists and 38 (62 percent) meritorious scientists from other European countries (Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, the United Kingdom, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal) and other countries of the world (USA, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and South Africa).
The present study is expected to appear in the March 2012 issue of JCEM and was published online in December 2011.
JCEM is one of four journals published by The Endocrine Society.
The May issue of JCEM contains two studies that help to establish the link between cardiovascular disease and PCOS.
A second study, which will also be published in the December issue of JCEM, also points to a link between Cushing's syndrome, a disease caused by overexposure to the hormone cortisol, and type 2 diabetes.
A second study published this month in JCEM also compared a combination T4 and T3 therapy with T4.