JCGCJapanese Classification of Gastric Cancer
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This is the first documented occurrence of hantavirus antibodies in rodents from JCGC, as well as from the state of Chihuahua.
maniculatus and other potential hantavirus reservoir hosts are absent or rare in grasslands with prairie dog colonies in the JCGC (Cruzado, 2008; Rubio, unpub.
ACCOUNTS PAYABLE AND ACCRUED LIABILITIES 30th June, 31st December, 2005 2004 RMB RMB Trade payables 1,205,534 1,548,764 Advances from customers 203,243 545,545 Salaries and welfare payable 194,570 197,094 Other payables and accrued liabilities 200,731 121,461 Amounts due to related parties - PetroChina 2,620,436 1,667,303 - CNPC Group Companies 3,718 - - JCGC (a fellow subsidiary) Group Companies 58,277 85,623 - An associated company - 9,109 - Other state-controlled enterprises 146,929 254,787 4,633,438 4,429,686 Amounts due to related parties are interest free, unsecured and with no fixed term of repayment.