JCIDSJoint Capabilities Integration and Development System (US DoD; replaces Requirements Generation System, RGS)
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JCIDS deliberately emphasizes analysis and risk avoidance at the expense of speed, said Col.
Furthermore, the fact that this process dovetails with the JCIDS allows developers to logically correlate capability shortfalls with satellite design.
JCIDS sponsors or program offices retain their ability to request interim STAR updates, and program managers would retain the local intelligence support office for additional threat information.
This article addressed the pros and cons of the existing JCIDS complexity by email correspondence.
The trick is to make the program evaluations through JCIDS work and to have it concentrate on delivering things in a joint way, he said.
Created in 2003, JCIDS is a DOD-level collaborative process for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing warfighter requirements.
Even though JCIDS is only a little over a year old, we are already seeing the early results of this process in tying together C2 and other systems at the joint level.
In JCIDS, a key challenge is the requirement trades between quantity procured and platform performance characteristics.
The latest attempt to bring about more "joint" thinking into the weapons development process is called JCIDS, short for joint capabilities integration and development system.
The JCIDS process of capabilities-based assessments, functional area analysis, and functional needs analysis ensures that the established need for a materiel solution (physical system) results in an essential capability for the warfighter.
Read through the JCIDS Manual "Guide for the Sustainment KPP" to better understand the nuances of the life-cycle sustainment outcome metrics--availability (materiel availability and operational availability), materiel reliability, ownership cost, and mean downtime.
Unlike the PPBE process that is calendar-driven or the JCIDS which is needs-driven, the acquisition management system is event-driven.