JCIMSJoint Combat ID Marking System
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JCIMS is a CTA 50-909, Table 60 Class II accountable item with a Reportable Item Control Code (RICC) of 2 (reportable) and an Accounting Requirement Code (ARC) of "durable.
Make sure you remove the JCIMS kit before turning your vehicle in to Reset.
Work is also underway to configure JCIMS kits for the armored versions of the FMTV/LMTV, HEMTT, PLS, and LHS, as well as the M88A2 recovery vehicle and select MRAP vehicles.
If your unit has not been contacted to schedule a New Material Information Briefing (NMIB) and New Equipment Fielding (NEF) for JCIMS, you can expect contact sometime soon.
Unit and Collective Force-on-force training exercises with JCIMS at home station and CTCs 5.