JCIPJava Concurrency in Practice (publication; program writing)
JCIPJoint Combined Interface Procedure
JCIPJoint Capabilities Integration Process
JCIPJBMC2 Capabilities Integration Process (US DoD)
JCIPJustice Center in Parwan (Afghanistan)
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6-square kilometre JCIP houses a six million tonnes per annum oil refinery owned by SINOPEC Jingmen, as well as downstream petrochemical, coal-to-chemicals and fine chemicals companies.
While the success of biometric evidence use in court has become the norm at the JCIP, this is not the case in the primary courts at the provincial level.
In early August 2011, the gang appeared before the JCIP.
By integrating our industry knowledge, public relations expertise and storytelling capabilities, we deliver campaigns that are completely aligned with our clients' marketing and communications goals," said Steven Stoke, Managing Director of JCIP.
For more information about JCIP, please contact Nelly Adamietz at 973-850-7342 or nadamietz@jcprinc.
JCIP is singularly focused on giving organizations the dynamic tools they need to connect with stakeholders in an increasingly interactive world.
The ANDF-P, JCIP, and support bases collectively constitute the NSJC.
The JCIP was to be a long-term facility led by Afghan judges, prosecutors, and defense counsel and was collocated with the Afghan National Detention Facility in Parwan (ANDF-P) within the National Security Justice Center (NSJC).
For nearly a decade, JCPR has advocated a holistic approach to PR and marketing, believing that communication strategies must work together to advance and support big-picture business goals," said Jennifer Connelly, Chief Executive Officer, JCIP and JCPR.
JCIP offers strategic multimedia campaigns that complement a wide variety of marketing initiatives and programs, in addition to extensive insight and experience in serving highly regulated companies.
Social media and visual communications have given companies another avenue for directly connecting with their stakeholders," said Matt Ackermann, Executive Vice President for Interactive Multimedia at JCIP.
For more information about JCIP and JCPR, contact Rachel Fisher-Layne at 973-850-7318.