JCIPJava Concurrency in Practice (publication; program writing)
JCIPJoint Combined Interface Procedure
JCIPJoint Capabilities Integration Process
JCIPJBMC2 Capabilities Integration Process (US DoD)
JCIPJustice Center in Parwan (Afghanistan)
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The ANDF-P, JCIP, and support bases collectively constitute the NSJC.
The JCIP could have analyzed the costs and benefits of removal of variety of governmental regulations.
Expected to be completed in the first half of 2016, the facility will provide industrial wastewater treatment services to companies in the JCIP under a 30-year exclusive concession agreement.
6-square kilometre JCIP houses a six million tonnes per annum oil refinery owned by SINOPEC Jingmen, as well as downstream petrochemical, coal-to-chemicals and fine chemicals companies.
The use of biometrics in prosecutions at JCIP now plays a prominent role in the convictions of those individuals who have been so matched to criminal offenses.
While the success of biometric evidence use in court has become the norm at the JCIP, this is not the case in the primary courts at the provincial level.