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JCITJudicial Committee on Information Technology (Texas)
JCITJournal of Cases on Information Technology
JCITJoint Combat Information Terminal
JCITJohn Costanza Institute of Technology
JCITJoint Communications Interface Terminal
JCITJoint Commanders Information Terminal
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The Marine Corps decided to use JCIT in the IAC3, in order to make it easier to upgrade the system when JTRS is deployed, later this decade, said Herndon.
JCIT International has trained and educated more than 90,000 students in Demand Flow(R) Technology and has implemented the methodology successfully in more than 3,500 companies around the world.
We feel our merger with TBM will provide strategic direction to corporations, enabling them to dominate their own markets," said John Costanza, CEO of JCIT.
PeopleSoft entered a partnership with JCIT International, the industry leader in lean practices and methodologies.
PeopleSoft and JCIT International plan to jointly market software, training, and consulting services.
Intermec, at a very early stage, recognized the tremendous potential of DFT for improving its manufacturing operations to better serve its customer base," said JCIT President and CEO John Costanza.
DFT GmbH is perfectly suited to serve customers in search of improving their manufacturing efficiencies via the use of Demand Flow(R) Technology," said Dean Gilliam, President and CEO of JCIT International.
McKenna also reported that, "The Electronics Division has completed the implementation of Demand Flow Technology (DFT) and has been recognized for this accomplishment with certification by the JCIT Institute in Englewood, Colorado.
JCIT International, the leader in Demand Flow(R) Technology education and implementation services, today announced it has signed an agreement to partner with Breakthrough Management Group, Inc.
Manufacturing professionals from all over the world will converge on JCIT International headquarters in Englewood, CO, August 20-22, 2003 to share manufacturing best practices and promote the benefits of Demand Flow(R) Technology (DFT).
To this end, we have engaged the consulting firm of JCIT International to assist Ceradyne in implementing a manufacturing strategy aimed at reducing inventory and work-in-process `queue' times with a goal of lower unit costs and increasing productivity.