JCLLJoint Center for Lessons Learned
JCLLJacobs Center for Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development
JCLLJournal of Celtic Language Learning
JCLLJewish Children's Learning Lab (New York, NY)
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The JWFC commander and DJ7 formalized a JCLL Implementation Plan in early 1997, which split joint lessons learned program responsibilities between their two organizations, with production and analysis concentrated in the JWFC while leaving policy and oversight of the program in the Pentagon with the J7.
During the subsequent year, this arrangement appeared to function reasonably well, with the JCLL beginning to broaden the scope of its efforts to perform trend analysis on JAARS data for potential un- or under-reported issues throughout the joint force.
On the JCLL level, it can involve analysis of observations from participating organizations to determine potential issues and trends requiring mediation by the Joint Staff, for example, under the Chairman's Remedial Action Program.
Currently there are 1,900 active lessons in the JCLL database.