JCMAJapan Construction Mechanization Association (est. 1950)
JCMAJournal of the Chinese Medical Association (Elsevier, BV)
JCMAJapan Close-Up Magicians' Association
JCMAJewish Christian Muslim Association (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
JCMAJoint COMSEC(Communications Security) Monitoring Activity (US DoD)
JCMAJuniata College Museum of Art (Huntingdon, PA)
JCMAJewish, Christian, Muslim Association of Australia
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Second, in addition to elements divested from the Joint Staff, other elements should also be resubordinated to this command, specifically JCMA, JSC, appropriate elements of JCS/J3/J6, and information operations elements within DISA (fig.
This team will integrate services currently provided by JC2WC, JCMA, and JSC.
2]WC Joint Command and Control Warfare Center JCMA Joint COMSEC Monitoring Activity JIWC Joint Information Warfare Center JSC Joint Spectrum Center JWAC Joint Analysis Center JWFC Joint Warfighting Center LAN Local area networks LIWA Land Information Warfare Agency MAJCOM Major command MOOTW Military operations other than war NAF Numbered Air Force NCA National Command Authorities NIWA Navy Information Warfare Activity NDP National Defense Panel PCCIP President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection PE Program element PSYOP Psychological operations RMA Revolution in military affairs SOC Special Operations Command USACOM United States Atlantic Command USAF United States Air Force