JCMSJournal of Common Market Studies
JCMSJefferson County Medical Society
JCMSJackson Catholic Middle School (Jackson, Michigan)
JCMSJASS Career Management System (JASS = Job Advertising and Selection System; US Navy)
JCMSJackson Creek Middle School (Bloomington, IN)
JCMSJava Content Management System
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It was time to overhaul the cycle and get it in line with what future capabilities we're going to deliver with JCMS," said OSCM (SW/AW) Pat Lumley, Navy Personnel Command.
The JCMS, JASS (Job Advertising Selection System) Career Management System, which is the current on-line interactive detailing tool, is a spiral-developed process.
Everyone throws around acronyms such as NKO, PTS, JCMS, AIP, FRP.
JCMS has also received a makeover in design and layout.
You will be able, through 5VM and JCMS on NKO to follow your personal roadmap, one that reflects how you handle the opportunities given to the Sailors placed under your supervision and how you help them reach their potential.
They access their individual 5 Vector Model and ascertain skills required for a specific Navy job or access the JCMS site to see specific jobs and map them against their current skill sets.
In concert with the Sea Warrior initiative, today's Sailors have much more control over their careers through programs such as JCMS (JASS Career Management System), 5-Vector Model and others.
When a Sailor pulls up their JCMS homepage, it will show the Navy's first five jobs, the first five jobs matching the Sailor's preferences and the first five jobs with incentives.
The new system is referred to as JCMS (for JASS Career Management System) and will be rolled out in several 'spirals' or phases over the next several months.