JCOAJoint Center for Operational Analysis (DoD)
JCOAJefferson Council on Aging (Metairie, LA)
JCOAJazz Composers' Orchestra Association
JCOAJapanese Clinical Orthopaedic Association
JCOAJaguar Club of Austin (Austin, TX)
JCOAJeep Club of America (Pasadena, MD)
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To its credit, the JCOA study highlights the manifold failures of US defense leaders, both military and civilian, to have adapted quickly and effectively to the new COIN reality.
However, the JCOA recommendations amount to little more than a "how-to" manual for enabling the US services to cope more effectively in future COIN engagements at a time when any such engagements will, in all likelihood, represent only one of many types of challenges they will face across the conflict spectrum in years to come.
The discussion that follows reaches substantially beyond the JCOA study's assigned charter by taking a more expansive and higher-level view of the core strategic teachings of the main conflicts that have occurred worldwide throughout the post--Cold War era, starting with the first Persian Gulf War of 1991.
In their breadth of coverage, level of analysis, and express focus on big-picture considerations, these conclusions look well beyond the more process-oriented findings--all US-specific and narrowly COIN-related--highlighted in the JCOA study.
In light of this, US defense leaders face a far more momentous roster of competing demands for their attention than simply getting better at COIN, as the JCOA study seemed to counsel.
Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis, Libya: Operation Odyssey Dawn (OOD): Executive Summary (Suffolk, VA: JCOA, 21 September 2011), 4.
In April 2007, the Joint Staff J7, Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned, and JCOA signed a memorandum of agreement that codified responsibilities for establishing JLLIS, with MCLL providing the baseline system, JCOA providing help with integration, and J7 providing system requirements and executive sponsorship.
JCOA had been providing one of those necessary functions.
According to the JCOA report, the "private security companies .
According to the JCOA report, "An economy can only absorb a certain amount of inputs until it becomes saturated.
The Joint Staff J7's JCOA Division, in cooperation with the Joint Center for International Security Assistance Force Assistance, executed the task.
1) Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis (JCOA), Operationalizing Counter/AntiCorruption Study (CAC) (Suffolk, VA: JCOA, February 28, 2014), 1, available at <http:// nust.