JCOCJoint Combat Operations Center
JCOCJoint Combined Operations Centre
JCOCJoint Civilian Orientation Conference/Cruise
JCOCJoint Committee on the Organization of Congress (US Congress)
JCOCJewelry Consumer Opinion Council
JCOCJunior Chamber of Commerce
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Where the consumer shops, how much they planned on spending and how much they actually spent are reviewed and the findings have already been used by retailers and manufacturers who are JCOC annual subscribers and others who have purchased JCOC studies throughout the year.
Preliminary polling of more than 2,900 JCOC consumer panel members reveals 11 percent of movie-goers saw the Blood Diamond movie on its debut weekend.
For those who do own a watch, buying a watch as an investment or to add to a collection are issues especially prevalent among the general JCOC participating panelists, who are largely comprised of 24-59 year-olds.
JCOC AutoPilot is easy to implement anytime via user-friendly templates and pre-defined questions, and cost effective with prices starting at $249 for a single question.
The JCOC welcomes inquiries from those interested in posting or publishing the WJP Index.
Those who sign up for the new JCOC Subscription by May 15, 2006 will receive complimentary access to more than three years of archived JCOC reports.
Among the benefits is a catalogue of past JCOC surveys that monitor the market for MVI Marketing, regular media alerts with the latest market data, and fine jewelry and watch trends forecasting.
Thirty-two percent of JCOC respondents are planning to buy their parents fine jewelry or a watch this season, but if fine jewelry retailers don't do enough to make sure it happens, it could be a lost sale.
Of the nearly 90 percent of female respondents who say they own diamond jewelry, almost 70 percent have purchased it for themselves in the past (up five percent over the same September 2004 JCOC study), and more than 80 percent are willing to buy more for themselves in the future.
The JCOC Year In Review report will provide the insights you need to develop solid strategies based on real consumer input--not just intuition.
MVI routinely screens the JCOC panel configuration to ensure its ongoing representative relevance to the U.
For the 2011 study, the JCOC will be partnering with Offerwise, developers of QueOpinas.