JCOCJoint Combat Operations Center
JCOCJoint Combined Operations Centre
JCOCJoint Civilian Orientation Conference/Cruise
JCOCJoint Committee on the Organization of Congress (US Congress)
JCOCJewelry Consumer Opinion Council
JCOCJunior Chamber of Commerce
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The JCOC on the automated election system has at its chairmen and vice chairmen, respectively Senators Leila De Lima and Francis Pangilinan for the Senate and Reps.
The JCOC participants get out and ride in army trucks to a spot where we prepare to see the soldiers take a small hill, under the cover of live ammunition fired both from the ground and the sky.
For the 2011 study, the JCOC will be partnering with Offerwise, developers of QueOpinas.
The JCOC on the AES should be immediately convened so we can review all the issues that were encountered during the elections.
This represents a major decrease compared to past JCOC studies.
The Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC), a division of MVI Marketing Ltd, has just published their annual JCOC Year-in-Review.
Preliminary polling of more than 2,900 JCOC consumer panel members reveals 11 percent of movie-goers saw the Blood Diamond movie on its debut weekend.
For those who do own a watch, buying a watch as an investment or to add to a collection are issues especially prevalent among the general JCOC participating panelists, who are largely comprised of 24-59 year-olds.
Valuable quantitative consumer market research for the jewelry industry is just a few mouse clicks away with JCOC AutoPilot.
fine jewelry market can gain instant access to consumer buying trends with The JCOC Weekly Jewelry Purchasing (WJP) Index.
info subscribers will have access to monthly omnibus reports and copies of all special, in-depth studies throughout the year, including a copy of our annual JCOC Year-in-Review -- in all a $2,500 plus value.
The JCOC -- an innovative e-panel of fine jewelry consumers throughout North America representing all ages, genders, income levels, buying categories and geographic regions -- was developed by MVI Marketing to provide its clients with fast, efficient, effective and powerful market intelligence about their jewelry products and respective end-use consumers.