JCPDSJoint Committee on Powder Diffraction Standards
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In 1976, the JCPDS recognized the need to convert to a computer data base (6,7).
4] nanoparticles are single phase compared with the JCPDS card number 19-0629 [27] (spectrum c), indicating that [Fe.
The observed phases were compared and confirmed using standard JCPDS files.
17 The index 0 refers to the intensities of the peaks of standard Zn-Ni powder sample, taken from JCPDS file card number 47-1019.
However, the observed intensity and d-spacing values were in excellent agreement with the JCPDS standard data (ref.
The XRD profiles of the samples were in good agreement with the XRD patterns of a HAP standard available, JCPDS (09-0432).
The XRD pattern of nano ZnO was compared with the standard values of nano ZnO from JCPDS files (JCPDS no.
2] and Pd and taking into account JCPDS database, one can determine the composition of the nanoparticles.
The strongest guest peaks in the XRD pattern (Fig 1) were characteristic of pure HA and closely matched with the JCPDS file No.
The observed XRD peaks correlate closely with the JCPDS card of 09-0432 for HAp, with the (211) (112) peaks having the highest intensity and no other impurity peaks occurring.