JCRCJewish Community Relations Council
JCRCJoint Casualty Resolution Center
JCRCJewish Community Relations Committee
JCRCJackson County Road Commission (Jackson, MI)
JCRCJunior Common Room Commitee (British universities student committee)
JCRCJewish Circumcision Resource Center
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outside of the CJP and JCRC offices in Boston, to observe Tisha B'av, a
In Boston, an unusually proactive and community-centered JCRC is joined by the Jewish Organizing Initiative.
15) On "racial and gender discrimination," notably including currently contentious issues of affirmative action, one third of these JCRC directors reported "little" activity, many fewer reporting "great" activity--a far cry from earlier agendas.
The director of JCRC, Michael Kotzin, said, "[s]uddenly before us is all sorts of evidence with Chicago links.
Senate candidate Bruce Herschensohn in 1992 to meet with ``community leaders'' at JCRC headquarters during that primary campaign.
Step Up For Israel is being run by The Greater Miami JCRC; The United Jewish Communities and JCRC of Metro-West; The Albuquerque Federation; the Atlanta community; and synagogues, churches, and organizations across the world.
Whereas Mukono and Ndejje universities identified greater need for research infrastructural improvement, JCRC and Mbarara identified mainly the need for human resource development in the area of grant writing, administration and management.
Barbara Creme, director of the JCRC, said before the meeting the invitation to Lockyer was extended not as a result of the Boland bill controversy, but because leaders of the group had wanted a chance to talk to him about many issues, including education and welfare, and hear where he stood on them.
Dollinger's intelligent, if seldom surprising, narrative traces how the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the American Jewish Congress, and a shifting array of other national bodies with impressive acronyms (ACJ, ADL, AJA, CJFWF, JCRC, etc.
The Philadelphia JCRC found that "many Jews, especially those who have had poor experiences in racially changing neighborhoods and who have moved to a substantially all-white neighborhood are not in sympathy with the many efforts of [Jewish] community relations agencies.
Charles Wissink, former Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer of Episcopal Diocese of Philadelphia -- William Devlin, Urban Family Council -- Jim Rosenstein, President, of JCRC -- Andrea B.
The JCRC provides financial and employee support for education, civic and public affairs, health and welfare, science and technology and the arts and humanities.