JCTDJoint Capability Technology Demonstration (US DoD)
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The flight tests, conducted in late March at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, and in early April at Edwards Air Force Base, California, conclude the final phase of the JCTD program.
The RSE JCTD identifies, integrates, and assesses technologies to rapidly recognize, collect, preserve, exploit, analyze, store, and share forensics, biometrics and DOMEX materials and information using inexpensive, portable, easy-to-use, technologies that provide timely and accurate information.
DAU provided a great tool that we will use to assist us with the JCTD.
The second component of this JCTD is the Lightweight Modular Causeway System (LMCS).
This cleared the way for the Medusa JCTD (Joint Concept Technology Development) programme, in which the navy plans to use an MH-60R platform and aims for service introduction in 2014.
The IRIS JCTD will provide an operational utility assessment and a recommendation to the Office of the Secretary of Defense regarding the operational impact of the IRIS venture.
Jetpack is built for application in internally-mounted or pod-mounted installations, and received an interim authority to operate during the JCTD test period.
In a similar category, but using a liquid hydrogen-powered fuel cell, the Aerovironment Global Observer GO-1 is a 4100-kg, 40-metre-span drone of which three have been ordered under a JCTD (Joint Capability Technology Demonstration) programme supported by six government organisations.
So we took a really close look at this and we reshaped the JCTD program so that the first year will be an early demonstration.
The liquid-hydrogen fueled flight test series will be historic for AV and the JCTD team as Global Observer moves closer to demonstrating mission-readiness and supporting our troops whenever and wherever needed.
Navy lead and JSuW JCTD program manager, "Because of the dedication and expertise of the JMETC team, the simulated exercise stayed up and was stable all week, allowing us to execute all desired scenarios.