JCVDJean-Claude Van Damme
JCVDJoint Committee on Voluntary Deposit
JCVDJournal of Cardiovascular Disease
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JCVD sees the action star playing himself in a parody of his life and movie persona.
Then, in 2008, came the critically acclaimed JCVD, a comedy drama which saw Van Damme playing himself -- a down-and-out action star caught in the middle of a heist.
JCVD, the movie, also led to the germination of an idea to further expand the Van Damme appeal -- a line of luxury watches and sports apparels.
Partnering with his compatriot entrepreneur Philli Borms, the pair launched the JCVD brand on October 18, marking the actor's 50th birthday.
We'll sign the deal in a few days and hope to bring the JCVD brand to fans in the UAE and the region soon," he says.
The Belgian actor, best known for his martial arts-inspired movies in the 1990s and with his own cult following, is starring in a reality show, directing a new film and launching a range of self-branded high-end watches and sports apparel called JCVD.
I did a film called JCVD recently where I opened my heart to the public," the actor told Gulf News, referring to the 2008 movie in which he plays himself.
JCVD, which includes a range of luxury watches and sports apparel, was launched last month and has already been positively received in the actor's home country, in Russia and China, he said.
Upcoming projects include the Shepherd: Border Patrol and JCVD.
The Muscles from Brussels is in Dubai to launch his new brand, JCVD, in the region, featuring a range of luxury watches and sports apparel.
Besides the products, I really want to start something here, maybe a JCVD karate school.
A martial artist, the actor is known for a host of action films such as Kickboxer (1989), Universal Soldier (1992) and his critically acclaimed JCVD (2008).