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JCVIJ Craig Venter Institute (Rockville, MD and La Jolla, CA)
JCVIJoint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (UK)
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The landscape water issue has been addressed and we are currently working with JCVI staff on the operation of the cooling towers.
The JCVI said that, by December 1, all children aged between two months old and 19 months old should have been offered Bexsero as part of the routine programme.
From our clinical experience in dealing with families and the available literature, the following strategies are suggested, which may be useful to community practitioners (Sarfatti et al 2015; Paul et al, 2011; PHE 2015; JCVI 2014; Poland and Jacobson 2012).
The team at JCVI uses a metagenomic approach in which the analysis of DNA in an organism is conducted on the entire community of microbes within a sample rather than isolating and culturing each individual microbial species.
But, while JCVI is a great design accomplishment, I doubt that a cost-to-build-and-operate analysis would reveal a very attractive return-on-investment (ROI).
First, let us be clear about what the JCVI team actually accomplished.
The advice from these experts is clear; the JCVI does not currently recommend that healthy children are routinely vaccinated against flu at present.
JCVI is working to sequence genes representing the diversity of several viruses, including flu virus.
JCVI, in her opinion, offers the best of the worlds of academia and industry since it is engaged in basic research with intentions of having huge applications in various fields such as bioenergy and medicine.
As the JCVI team and Dr Venter have said, open dialogue and discussion on all issues surrounding synthetic genomics/biology, including intellectual property, is very necessary for this field so these questions and discussions are all very important.
Designing ways to impede malicious uses of the technology while at the same time not impeding, or even promoting beneficial ones, poses a number of policy challenges for all who wish to use or benefit from synthetic genomics," says Michele Garfinkel, policy analyst at JCVI and lead author of the report.
There is an urgent need for the JCVI to review their decision.