JDCCJefferson Davis Community College
JDCCJewish Deaf Community Center
JDCCJoint Doctrine & Concepts Centre (UK)
JDCCJoint Development Control Committee (UK)
JDCCJeanne Dini Cultural Center (Yerington, NV)
JDCCJet Deflector Crane Car (Integral Coach Factory; India)
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But perhaps the most exciting development for the brand will come on October 1 when JDCC introduces its first seasonal flavor, Jack Apple.
Frits Kalshoven & Liesbeth Zegveld, Constraints on the Waging of War: An Introduction to International Humanitarian Law 109 (2001); see also JDCC, supra note 106, at 87 (viewing soldiers who commit actions that are only part of an "attack" as criminally violating the proportionality norm only if their actions are "entirely gratuitous and unnecessary").
JDCC, supra note 106, at 26 (stating that the legal basis on which force is exercised in a specific armed conflict, which is determined by the overall legally permitted objective of that armed conflict, "may impose .
The large cash portfolio has resulted from a strong overall focus on cash generation based upon working capital improvements, the sale of wholesale receivables to JDCC, a reduction in CAPEX resulting from the completion of significant investment in new products, and improved profitability.
Outside of the equipment operations Deere's performance remains strong with JDCC having evolved into both a source of consistent earnings and a counterbalance to Deere's otherwise cyclical businesses.
Established to help facilitate the sales of Deere equipment, JDCC has evolved into a source of consistent earnings to the parent through an entire economic cycle.
The ratings between Deere and JDCC and other finance subsidiaries have historically been linked due to their importance to the parent's operations.
4 billion in managed receivables, JDCC provides retail and, to a lesser extent, wholesale and lease financing of Deere's construction and commercial and consumer-related products.
Both Deere and JDCC may each issue up to $1 billion of ECN's.