JDDEJoint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (US DoD)
JDDEJournal of Dynamics and Differential Equations
JDDEJames Dean Driving Experience (band)
JDDEJ2EE Development and Deploy Environment
JDDEJava Dynamic Data Exchange
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Driven by the current resource-constrained environment, shared or finite resources across the JDDE call for a more synchronized approach to Phase Zero planning.
Leveraging cutting-edge gaming technology and optimization engines, a planner in USTRANSCOM's operations center--the fusion center--will soon be able to see everything in the JDDE and conduct what if analysis in real time with the push of a button.
The DoD Logistics Human Capital Strategy, the JDDE Competency Model, and experienced DoD and Joint logistic leaders have highlighted business acumen as an important leadership competency for senior logisticians, and we have illustrated how these principles can improve the logistician's ability to make decisions.
To merit this esteemed recognition, we focused on USTRANSCOM'S continued efforts and innovations as the DPO and our national partners in the JDDE.
To identify the elements of an educated modern military logistician, the team has created the JDDE Competency Model.
Consequently, these structures must be mapped back to the JDDE architecture to become a reality.
Better metrics to measure risk will be developed that will enable the DOD, along with its contractors, to make better decisions on evaluating value and its risk in the JDDE.
Under the JDDE, DOD seeks to understand these components when developing supplier selection strategies:
Three sessions were presented: Key Performance Indicators; JDDE Relationship Management; and Lean Strategies Meets the DOD Supply Chain.
NDTA is currently focusing on education, professional development, and suppott for the TRANSCOM JDDE (Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise).
A Work Shop series highlighting aspects of the JDDE will be offered.
In other words, there is a need to map the content of any training/education provider to specific DOD programs such as JDDE or HCSP.