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JDFJob Definition Format (XML-based format for workflow and control information)
JDFJamaica Defence Force
JDFJuvenile Diabetes Foundation International
JDFJob Description Form
JDFJapan Defense Force
JDFJewish Defense Force (political group)
JDFJackson Drop Forge Company
JDFJewish Defense Fund
JDFJamming Direction Finder
JDFJoint Dynamics Experiment
JDFJournal des Femmes (French fashion magazine)
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He also warns that at newspapers, JDF "is not going to move that fast" if it doesn't become a part of corporate knowledge.
Both Farinas and Tupas said that resuming the House JDF probe, which was suspended a year ago after one hearing, was timely because of the public uproar over the justice for sale disclosure of Sen.
Now taking on a defensive stance, SC spokesman Theodore Te explained that "there is no discretion on how to spend JDF funds -- whether as to amount, percentage or purpose.
Currently, the JDF has a accompaniment of 14 Cadillac Gage V150s, 10 of which were already purchased in 1976 and the other four in 1985, as per Jamaica House release.
Alfons Musty of JDF Realty represented both the landlord and the tenant in this deal.
Modern workflow techniques should integrate both IT and production processes, including the use of data standards, such as JDF, but also conventional business process analysis.
The Adobe PDF Print Engine combines the strengths of content definition in Adobe PDF and JDF to control print systems, allowing PDF print jobs to stay device-independent across the workflow.
This as the high tribunal dismissed a concerned citizen's plea to compel Congress to keep its hands off the JDF, after tensions flared among the coequal branches of government following adverse Supreme Court rulings against the discretionary funds of the executive and legislative branches.
Tupas earlier said they started gathering documents from the Commission on Audit (COA) and have been talking with people from the judiciary and the state audit agency in preparation for the JDF probe.
According to the project, the JDF will buy 12 Thales Australia Bushmaster armoured personnel carriers (APCs), said a report from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).
Leslie Siben, JDF Realty, and Marc Turkowitz, JDF Realty
It says it has achieved a major milestone in defining the use of key components of JDF.