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JDFJob Definition Format (XML-based format for workflow and control information)
JDFJamaica Defence Force
JDFJuvenile Diabetes Foundation International
JDFJob Description Form
JDFJapan Defense Force
JDFJewish Defense Force (political group)
JDFJackson Drop Forge Company
JDFJewish Defense Fund
JDFJamming Direction Finder
JDFJoint Dynamics Experiment
JDFJournal des Femmes (French fashion magazine)
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A job can be set as a PDF file, in which case a user-defined ticket is applied, or a JDF file can be the job ticket and a PDF file the job resource.
Currently, the JDF has a accompaniment of 14 Cadillac Gage V150s, 10 of which were already purchased in 1976 and the other four in 1985, as per Jamaica House release.
JDF has been integral to the creation of the downtown Manhattan campus of Nyack College--totaling more than 70,000 square feet at 335 Broadway and 361 Broadway--and has arranged the leasing and development of 28 residential apartments at 242 East 14th Street to NYU School of Medicine, the leasing of eight facilities to Preschool of America, and the sale of 158 West 27th Street --a 112,000-square-foot loft office building in Chelsea--to Meringoff Properties.
Beginning with an overview of typical graphic arts business architectures, the volume covers topics such as print workflow models, metadata and its application, XML and JDF, Job Messaging Format, order management systems, prepress to postpress, and packaging printing.
We're planning on increasing support for JDF in upcoming products, but I expect that for most users, they will find that SmartDie is quicker and easier to use, so many of them will continue to use that.
The integration of Adobe software across a range of Xerox Freeflow products will help our customers as they move to more efficient print workflows based on Adobe PDF and emerging standards such as JDF.
The sponsored walk is just one of the fundraising efforts that Jaguar employees are undertaking for this year's JDF Walk to Cure Diabetes.
It includes whom to contact at JDF, emergency contacts and federal government agencies.
JDF say the NIAID Network for Clinical Research on Immune Tolerance, the recipient of the funds, will develop and conduct clinical trials of new therapies that have the promise to diminish or eliminate the need for anti-rejection therapy.
The release said "the consequent strain and demands experienced by JDF staff and the dancers themselves had become insupportable, especially in the stressful environment in which South Africans currently live.
JDF has grown aggressively in recent years, and now faces the challenges of significant volume growth, increasing supply chain requirements from our customers and the need for maximum cost effectiveness," said William Evanson, VP and GM of JDF Distribution Solutions, Inc.
According to the project, the JDF will buy 12 Thales Australia Bushmaster armoured personnel carriers (APCs), said a report from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).