JDHTJaguar Daimler Heritage Trust
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For some years the custom at Jaguar has been to add the latest model to the JDHT fleet and, sure enough, an X-type, resplendent in red, arrived this week from the production line at Halewood, near Liverpool.
Curator of Vehicles at JDHT, Tony O'Keefe, claims the renovated E-Types are the jewel in the crown of Jaguar's rich and varied history and represent the very best of the British motor industry.
Over the decades Jaguar - which now keeps all the first and last of its cars off the production line - found out about the car's location and two years ago Mr Kilgannon contacted JDHT about how to go about restoring it.
In additional moves to strengthen the work of the Trust, Roger Putnam (Jaguar's director of sales and marketing) has been appointed Chairman of the Trust in addition to his other roles and John Maries has been appointed executive director of JDHT Limited, with direct responsibility for increasing the commercial activities of the Trust.