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JDKJava Development Kit
JDKJager Dipaola Kemp (Burlington, VT)
JDKJinetes del Kaos (Spanish: Riders of Kaos; gaming clan)
JDKJ. Darrell Kirkley, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
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Finally, Oracle will be contributing previously commercial features to OpenJDK such as Java Flight Recorder in Oracle JDK with the goal of making Oracle JDK and OpenJDK more aligned.
Available now, the special Sun SPOT JDK software educational pricing of $299/JDK is offered, through a Sun customer service representative, only to eligible education institutions that have a Sun Education buying contract (EdVEU).
The subject of the order is: delivery and assembly of equipment for film screenings in the JDK.
Boies was asking about a May 14, 1997 email from Bill Gates in which the CEO stated that he was "hardcore about NOT supporting JDK 1.
The update to the IP Authorizer will enable customers to assess how developers are using components of the JDK.